I was assigned to photograph the exteriors of the hospital in South Georgia.  I had only about a week to photograph and accomplish all my photography assignments with different projects in this location.  This was by far the most challenging one because of the weather.  Every evening I was hoping the weather would co-operate and sure enough as I thought each evening around the time I wanted to set up and photograph the thunder storms took over and I couldn’t.  I waited for an entire week and the very last day of my stay I risked it and went and setup my lights and began this process.  The clouds were beginning to form and I was getting very anxious, but for almost two hours the clouds were forming and I could feel the droplets.  The end result was this beautiful composite.  Sometimes it is worth the wait and the risk.  The evening sunset light casting into the clouds added so much drama in my opinion(and yes, I tweaked it to my taste).