I have to say a Big Thank You to Amos Moses. These pictures turned out just perfectly!! Ivey knew what she wanted but it is hard to tell someone how to take a picture of a race car (lol). But Amos captured the beauty of the young woman and the awesome car too..


Rene Hutto

What an amazing artist you are Amos, God has truly blessed you with a gift !!! We had a great time and really enjoyed meeting you!!! Thanks Tim & Brandi: )

Brandi & Tim Spikes


Amos…you have outdone yourself, yet again!!! These pics are so awesome …how will I ever choose? Thank you again for all your hard work & time. Last night was so much fun. We all enjoyed it!! You are truly one of the most special people I’ve had the pleasure to meet! I’m so thankful to you for capturing these memories that will last a lifetime, they are breathtaking!!

Myra Turner


It doesn’t matter where you are, your lighting is impeccable!!! AWESOME Photography!

Lynn Melissa

These photographs are absolutely beautiful! Amos did a wonderful job! I would hate to have to choose.

Angela Wilcox


Awesome job! Amos you, your family, and awesome talent will be greatly missed!

Meagan Poppell

This picture and the one on the water are the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen! I was speechless…

Jannie Harper


I saw my wedding images for the first time today. Not a single one of them had any form of the “Amos Touch”. We missed you so much on our big day… We still wish we could have had you and your glorious talents!!!!  Now more than ever my husband appreciates the engagement shots we did with you… And how well you performed your job. Our engagement pics outshine our wedding day images greatly!!! You have such a gift …God has blessed you Amos!!!!

Tim & Brandi Mathis